V-60HD – HD Video Switcher


V-60HD – HD Video Switcher


Product Details

Live event production and streaming continues to grow, and the demand for more features requires a sophisticated feature set. The V-60HD simplifies your setups and combines the best of both worlds with SDI inputs for camera sources and scaled HDMI inputs for data, computer, tablet, and other video sources. The combination of powerful audio features like multi-channel embedded audio, XLR and RCA analog inputs, and de-embedded audio from digital SDI or HDMI sources plus a variety of video connections with a Program and AUX Bus make the V-60HD ideal for a variety of live event production and streaming applications.

This system update brings new AUX audio features introduced with the flagship V-160HD, including selectable dry, pre-fader, and post-fader AUX Bus settings, embedded audio to SDI, and expanded camera remote control compatibility.

Cut and mix with cross-dissolve transitions and up to 30 different wipe patterns. Time-based correction and frame sync provide seamless transitions between six video sources and two still images, eliminating the need to use buses. The newly added Auto Scan feature enables automatic switching, helping reduce operator workload.

Professional User Interface
The V-60HD features professional broadcast Cross Point buttons with PGM/PST LED color indicators, a rugged T-Bar, and DSK quick-edit knobs for key level and gain. Use the dedicated PinP and Split buttons with knobs for center framing of Split and PinP placement, and change transition types using either mix or two preset wipe buttons with the dedicated transition dissolve time knob. There’s also a three-inch LCD display with quick-access menu navigation to adjust switcher parameters.

Video Composition
The V-60HD includes a DSK (downstream keyer), Picture-in-Picture (PinP), and split composition effects ideal for creating news-style broadcasts and corporate presentations. PinP window shapes include rectangle, circle, heart, and diamond patterns to add a special touch to events. Cropping of PinP and adjusting the center split helps aid in composition from certain sources, such as the long vertical screen of a smartphone.

The DSK can be used for overlaying titles, song lyrics, logos, or graphics coming from the video sources with up to three layers of composition. The DSK supports both Luminance Keying (Black/White) and Chroma Keying (Blue/Green) for compositing two video sources. The additional layer of PinP plus your background video ensures creative live production environments.

Livestreams, HD recording, and confidence monitors often have different visual needs from the main program output. Switch any of the connected input sources to any of the four SDI or HDMI outputs without affecting the main PGM destination. AUX-linked PGM enables the AUX output to synchronize with the Program (PGM) output.

Multi-View Output
V-60HD can preview all six video inputs, two still images, PGM, and PVW to a single preview monitor via the Multi-View output. In addition, you can display the menu on the Multi-View display to make settings without changing your focus from the preview display. From Version 2.0, exchanging PGM and PVW windows and editing input label names are now possible.

The V-60HD features an 18-channel audio mixer which includes four XLR/TRS combo jacks with 48 V phantom power, an RCA stereo pair, and de-embedded audio from the six video inputs.

High-Quality Sound Processing
The V-60HD’s preamp and dynamics effects include a high-pass filter, gate, compressor, 3-band EQ, and delay. A built-in effects library added with Version 2.5 is packed with presets for common production scenarios, including interviews, ambient sound recording, and wind noise elimination during field recording. Anyone can easily set up the effects without deep audio knowledge.

Auto Mixing
The Auto Mixing function ensures the correct mix for multiple panel participants at conferences by automatically adjusting levels across multiple audio sources, allowing the AV operator to focus on video switching. A channel-specific weighting assignment can be set, giving the moderator or priority audio channel a higher volume level.

Discreet Multi-Channel Audio Embedding
Embed up to eight analog audio inputs on separate channels on the SDI 1 and 2 outputs. Select from a variety of feeds—pre-effect (dry), post-effect and pre-fader (wet), or post-effect and post-fader (wet)—to meet your post-production needs after the live event. This feature is also useful for multi-language events, enabling you to record a voice-over or language translation on its own audio channel.

Roland’s innovative Smart Tally wireless tally system strengthens camera operator confidence and ends the hassle of custom-made tally cable harnesses. Configured using standard IP protocols, Smart Tally turns smartphones, tablets, computers, or any web browser into a fully functioning tally light including green for Preview and red for Program.

Extending the V-60HD’s audio mixer with outboard USB control surfaces is an economical alternative to using a dedicated full-size audio mixer. Many third-party USB MIDI control devices are instantly recognized by Mac and Windows computers and can be used with the V-60HD Remote Control Software (RCS).

When LAN-based PTZ cameras are called into action, take control using the V-60HD or powerful RCS. Seamlessly integrate JVC, Panasonic, Sony, PTZOptics, Avonic, and VISCA-compatible professional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras to streamline workflow without the need for a dedicated controller. For a gaming-like experience, pick up a USB gamepad and conquer a team of PTZ cameras. Instincts will guide the way as the cameras effortlessly cover the action.

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