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  • 8 Foot Railing for Staging

    Model Code: GR8P-UBC
    8′ UBC Guard Rail
    Powder Coated (Uniform Building Code)

  • Decks for Staging

    13 ply 3/4″ Baltic Birch tops
    with non-slip finish.
    Box extrusions sides.
    Precision machined corners.

  • Locator Plates for Staging

    Locator Plates fit securely on the ends of the X-Frame legs and form the heart of the UltraStage System.

  • Sand Bags

    Model: SB-25S 25 lb. Saddle Style Sand Bag, with carry strap.

  • Skirting for Staging

    Stage skirting provides a finished look to any stage, as these “before” and “after” shots illustrate. UltraStage skirting is IFR rated and will not lose its fire rating after washing.

  • Stairs for Staging

    Ultrastage all-aluminum stairs are lightweight, portable and easy to use. Self-adjusting to a range of stage heights, they eliminate the need for multiple sets of heavy, bulky stairs.

  • Trussing Equipment

    12″ natural finish and powder coated.

    Circle Sections showing “L” gusset plates.

    90-degree curved corner with “K” gusset plates.

    Curved corners are available in 22.5-degree, 30-degree, 45-degree with “K” gusset plates.

  • X-Frames for Staging

    Model TFA-4835.
    4′ x 8′ X-Frame.
    3′ – 5′ Telescopically adjustable.

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