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    AM series is an innovative see-through LED display that can be adopted in various scenarios including music festivals, sports events, and concerts. This series has high transparency, a high contrast ratio, and sufficient brightness. It can present astonishing visual effects without obscuring scenery behind the display. With the protection mark of IP65, the AM series can work stably in dusty or rainy weather. Besides, its cabinets are light, which is convenient for moving and assembly; it also supports hanging and stacking installation, to meet the requirement for integrated system solutions for different outdoor events.


    Ultra-lightweight, high-brightness panels using customised black frame LEDs are the ideal solution for dynamic lighting and video. AR series is a lightweight and high-performance solution for a wide range of applications.

    AR series includes the new INFINITE COLORS, INFiLED’s latest technology, offering an extended colour spectrum in LED display, as a stepping-stone towards a full range of high-performance extended light and colour spectrum solutions.


    The AR series cabinets come in both front and rear servicing options. The universal module makes it easy to store and replace; the separate power and data unit can be exchanged easily with no tools required. The AR series offers a wide range of accessories, such as truss brackets, stacking pedestal and set cart designed to minimize the setup time.

    The climbing handles can be added for easy access and maintenance during large scale applications.


  • ART Series

    Lighter and more robust, the All for Rental Touring series heralds the next era in LED display touring systems. Developed specifically to offer an all-in-one solution for rental and touring markets, the ART series was born superbly lightweight and unprecedentedly robust due to the smart combination of carbon fiber and die-cast aluminum. The ART series has been designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals.

    With an innovative and removable ladder, the whole structure is strong and resistant against wind speeds of up to 20m/s, achieving an impressive 8th-grade rating on the Beaufort scale. This robust design ensures the series can adeptly handle the challenges posed by any harsh outdoor environment.


    The DB Series is crafted with an ultra-black masking material and exclusive black LEDs to achieve a heightened level of contrast for LED screens. With high greyscale levels, a fast refresh rate and top-quality components, the DB Series sets a new standard for LED screen picture quality. Designed with a focus on ergonomics and usability, the DBmk2 Series features modular panels built around a sturdy die-cast aluminum frame, complete with inbuilt feet and edge protectors to prevent physical damage during assembly.


    The DFII Series is a digital floor solution with a high load-bearing capacity, quick disassembly, and increased cabinet protection. The anti-reflective and anti-slip surface ensures perfectly uniform blacks and outstanding visual performance under any lighting condition and at wide viewing angles. The DFII Series can support up to 1500 kg/m2.

    The DFII Series is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cabinets come flat and require a simple adjustment of the height of the feet to create a straight digital interactive dance floor, even on rough and uneven surfaces.


    Designed specifically for an easy set-up experience, our features a lightweight and smart design for fine pixel pitch indoor and outdoor applications. Lightweight and intuitive cabinet design offering fast set-up and easy transport, reducing installation costs. With a 1.5 mm to 3.4 mm pixel pitch, it offers a superior visual effect by delivering clear and sharp image quality. Also available in a 4-in-1 LED configuration and able to support a variety of processing systems for enhanced versatility and reliability.


    The HR series brings ultra-high definition, fine pixel pitch and ratio to the digital rental market. This revolutionary high-greyscale HR series is a perfect solution for indoor rental applications, focusing on providing image quality for prominent settings like conference forums, exhibition halls, and high-end brand launch events. With a flexible aspect ratio of 16:9 and a pixel pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 3.1mm, the HR series offers adaptability and supports standard resolutions of point-to-point 2K, 4K, and 8K displays.


    The SF Series is the intelligent choice for creative applications. Featuring a specially designed, soft yet durable PCB, this series offers high flexibility, allowing the creation of both convex and concave curved displays with ease. SF panels are exceptionally lightweight and effortlessly assembled without the need for tools. The advanced magnetic system ensures convenient front accessibility and maintenance.

  • SP Series

    The SP series is the smart solution for perimeter applications. It is compliant with the EN 55022-A class A standard which ensures perfect operational stability, even with external sources of electric and electromagnetic interference. It also means that our product will not interfere with any other electrical equipment. Power and signal redundancy ensure flawless operation, even if a component breaks down. With a refresh rate of more than 3840Hz you get perfectly stable broadcasting images, even in slow-motion. Our SP series has automatic color calibration on board to ensure perfectly uniform images every time.

  • TITAN-X Series

    TITAN-X stands as a resilient and user-friendly LED display solution crafted for outdoor rental applications. The 8.3 pixel pitch screen, towering up to an impressive 24 meters, ensures unmatched visibility. With a transparency of 70%, high load capacity, a rear foldable frame, and a swift installation system, this product emerges as the ultimate choice for concerts, festivals, tours, and other outdoor events. The extra-large 1200x1200mm cabinets, coupled with a unique lifting operation design, significantly reduce installation time.

  • XII Series

    The XII series is an ideal option for creative LED installations featuring seamless curves and wide viewing angles. XII series is a lightweight LED solution, adopting patented flexible modules with a curve angle that can reach up to ±30° and 7 position adjustment gears, it can adapt to unlimited installation possibilities. It can be assembled into smooth curve screens of different curvatures that can perfectly fulfill creative designs. The new curved XII series improves the viewer experience.

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