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  • EVOX 12 Active Two Way Array

    EVOX 12 is the most powerful line-source in its class and offers a particularly profound and dynamic reproduction at high levels due to the built-in 1400W power amplifier. The top section has eight high performance neodymium 4 “full-range transducers with a phase plug. As a result, the EVOX 12 has a significantly increased low-mid playback at a constant level with a wide dispersion for the highs. The 15” subwoofer delivers powerful bass sound to reinforce a big party or the kick drum of a live band. Despite high performance, the enclosure is very compact, and thanks to integrated wheels and extendable handle very easy to transport.

  • EVOX J8 Active Two Way Portable Array

    The RCF J8 features a line source satellite module with eight 2” full-range drivers paired with a high-powered 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. All powered by on-board 1400 W Class D amplification. The EVOX J Series maintains a similar footprint to the original EVOX systems, now in a portable composite enclosure. The system offers stunning sound performance with crystal-clear vocal reproduction and unparalleled musical respons

  • EVOX JMIX8 Active Two Way Array Music System

    Taking the EVOX J Series one step further, RCF has added an 8-input Digital Mixer to the system. The onboard processing power of the innovative Z.CORE DSP provides not only full mix functions; it includes high-quality instrument FX and AMP simulations. The EVOX JMIX8 combines the quality and reliability of RCF transducers and amplification with a powerful remote controllable 8-channel digital mixer.

  • EXM-Mobile Battery-Powered PA Speaker

    EXM Battery-Powered PA Speaker.

  • EXM-Mobile-12-inch Battery Powered Portable PA System

    The EXM Mobile 12, is a lightweight twelve-inch battery powered speaker with a one-inch horn driver. For decades, sound solutions for events in wedding tents, outdoor gigs or non-traditional venues needed to take external power into consideration. The EXM Mobile 12 puts the days of renting power generators for specialty gigs behind us.

  • EXM-Mobile-8 Three-Way Battery-Powered Portable PA System

    The EXM Mobile8, a lightweight 3-way battery-powered speaker, provides the perfect solution for the Musician or DJ on the go. The 3-way design provides max bass and ultra intelligibility, and the multi-angle geometry offers flexibility to fit any environment.

  • EXM-Mobile-Tower Loudspeakers Battery-Powered PA System

    The EXM Mobile Tower contains a 10-inch subwoofer base and four 3-inch mid-range drivers including a unique dedicated high-frequency driver, making this the best-sounding battery-powered tower available. With its onboard 3 channel mixer and ready-to-go Live & Club performance modes, the EXM Mobile Tower is prepared to dial in the right sound for your event.

  • EXM-ProSub Portable Battery-Powered Subwoofer

    Equipped with two high output 10- inch neodymium woofers and 800 Watts of power, the EXM ProSUB delivers tremendous bass never before achieved by a portable wireless speaker.

  • EXM400 Compact Scalable PA System

    The EXM400 is a compact powered subwoofer module with integrated mixer. Two high efficiency satellite speakers and two speaker poles complete the core package. Connectivity between subwoofer / mixer and satellite speakers is handled with innovative pole through conductors, meaning no extra cabling is required.

  • EXM70 Ultra Compact Portable PA

    Weighing in under 15 pounds (6.6 kg), the EXM70 uses two high quality long excursion 5-inch woofers and a studio monitor quality soft dome tweeter to deliver quality full range tone from as small a footprint as physically possible.

  • YSC-Mobile EXM 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Battery-Powered Speaker

    To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Yorkville Sound & Traynor Amps, the product engineers at Yorkville Sound combined the history of the YSC PA Column, with the modern features found in our EXM Mobile Series of portable PA. The result is a portable, battery-powered lightweight PA speaker with an ultra-cool vintage look.

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